Each Life is Distinct

We believe that every family we serve is unique and deserving of our best.  We strive to make each service a personal tribute.  Personalizing a funeral or memorial service can be very heart warming, it gives you and your family something to concentrate on as you relive memories.   We offer many ways to personalize a service.

Personalized Tribute DVDs

A tribute DVD is a wonderful feature at a funeral/memorial service.  It allows the family and friends to share memories through pictures. Our staff is well skilled at creating and telling the story with a tribute DVD for your loved one. We can feature music, photos and video which tells the story of the loved one’s life journey.   Most often, at least one additional DVD is requested and in many cases, several additional are ordered for other family members and even dear friends.

Using snapshots or album photographs from their loved one’s lifetime creates a level of personalization for the funeral service. Family photographs take on a whole new meaning when they are creatively blended with video and music. A tribute DVD enhances any funeral observance. It honors, remembers and affirms the life of the one who has passed.

The tribute DVD is truly a “Celebration of Life” and makes the funeral service more meaningful for everyone.

Other forms of Tributes available upon request

We provide a wide variety of choices that will help fulfill a family’s wishes, from a traditional funeral to a personalized service that celebrates a loved one’s “life”.

Photo boards of the deceased, a special quilt or blanket, special memorial folders or holy cards, meaningful music and scriptures are also ways to memorialize someone special.

The following are ideas that you may use to personalize a service:

  • Photographic collages

  • Displays of personal memorabilia, such as awards, trophies, or favorite pastime items, such as gardening tools, musical instruments or memorabilia of their favorite sports team

  • The writing of personal notes by family and friends during the service

  • Live musicians or favorite CD’s

  • Special customs particular to different faiths, ethnic groups, and fraternal organizations

  • Displays of uniforms or equipment for government employees

  • Have motorcycles in the procession for a motorcycle enthusiast or have the pallbearers wear cowboy boots to honor the Cowboy

Our funeral directors are committed to helping you create a special tribute to your loved one that will honor the amazing life, love and loss. We encourage you to share your ideas, customs and wishes with us.

For more information and complete details on a tribute DVD or other personalization touches for a service, please contact us at 989-732-1770 or email us at info@nelsonsfuneralhome.com.