Warsko, Jerome

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Jerome Paul Warsko, age 73 of Gaylord, passed away on January 21, 2017.

My brother and I were introduced to the world and greeted by two people with open arms. In this brief moment learning of my father’s passing, I would like to introduce you to him and explain how he has lived his life in full admiration of those that he brought into the world.

His impartial leadership of those he touched and those throughout his career he influenced.

As reclusive and uncaring as he may have seemed, the admiration for our well-being has gone undeserved. I sit here today on my journey back to my father’s farewell to this world and his welcome to another, joining those which traveled before him and those of us waiting to travel after.

As you read this, you may or may not have known my father. Please know that he was a quiet man who cared for those that sought to make a difference in their lives. A man who stood by his beliefs regardless of the outcome for his benefit. A person who struggled with alcoholism until assuming responsibility for his shortcomings, he sought forgiveness and redemption and in the end, today departed the earth with an inner guilt and loneliness only forgiveness and resolution could have prevented.

His message to those reading this today would be one of understanding, kindness, and strength.

Please understand the short comings of those in your life.

Please find the kindness to forgive and overcome those short comings no matter how difficult.

Finally, find the strength to accept responsibility as an individual and assume ownership of how you live your life. Please positively influence those that you mentor. Through the words of his sons these are our father’s final wishes for those left behind influencing generations to come.

He leaves behind his three sons, Scott (Dawn) Warsko of Gaylord, Jason Warsko of Gaylord, and Kurt Slade; and grandchildren Hilary (Jake) Warsko, Elisabet (Ian) Donaldson, Benjamin Warsko, Miranda (Jeremy) Milam, Chad VanSickle and Eric Finnegan.

Memorial contributions can be made to Lovells Community Chapel.

The family has chosen to remember him privately. 

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  1. Our condolences to the entire Warsko family. We are praying for comfort and peace as you work through this difficult time. Please let us know if we can do anything for you. God Bless – Jeff and Cathelia Cowles and family.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your father. I didn’t know him well, but worked with him at the sportsplex. May he rest in peace

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