Steven J. Miller

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Steven James Miller Sr. , age 49, of Gaylord passed away on August 8, 2019.

He was born August 22, 1969, to Timothy and Donna (Rally) Miller.

Steve was an avid hunter, fisherman, and loved to be outdoors.  He was very involved with his family and loved his pet pigs Olaf and Luna. Steve worked as a landscaper, was an all-around handyman, and even enjoyed cutting wood.

Steve is married to Beth Goosen.

He is survived by his children Sara (Mickey) Conn, Steven (Nikhol) Miller, Ted, Brittany, Sabreana Mastaw, Shawn Goosen; grandchildren Dalton, Kea, Dominic, Dean, Helen, Eliza, and arriving in November Steven James Miller III; his mother; siblings Marsha Richards, David (Crystal) Miller; nephews Tim, Mike, Lucas; and great-nephew Brayden, and Michelle Lynch.

Steve is preceded in death by his father and grandparents.

A memorial service will be held Sunday, August 11, beginning at noon, 8184 Dudd Rd, Vanderbilt, MI 49795.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the family through the Nelson Funeral Home, PO Box 1548, Gaylord, MI 49734.

20 comments on “Steven J. Miller”

  1. I will miss you dearly Steve, you’re my poobear🐻 and I’m your hunnybunny🐰Love you We have been together for like 22 years or more we were very happy and you love me to death. You would do anything for me. I know you love me very much and care about me. I will miss your text telling me you love me and Be careful and you’re beautiful 😍 every day. You are my life and soul babe 😘 You are not in pain anymore but I really will miss you. You are up there with your dad and my mom. Say hi to my mom.
    I am the one who took care of you for 22 or more years. love you poobear🐻 😍 rest in peace. love Michelle lynch your hunnybunny🐰 miss you. Hugs and kisses ❤

  2. I am so sorry to hear of Steve’s passing. He was a hardworking, energetic man who loved his family. He worked for me for years, he never refused to do any chore I asked of him. Rest In Peace, gentle man. 🙏🏻😘

    1. Thank you Pat, yes, we will miss him dearly.
      Yes he was a hardworking, energetic man
      for sure. He would do anything for anyone.
      I sure will miss him. It hurts, but he not in pain anymore. Hugs ❤

  3. So sorry for the loss of Steve , he was like family to me and Bob, cause he was with my sister Michelle for like 20 years. He was a great guy. If we needed Steve for any type of help he would come and help us, with shoveling off roofs or doing yard work or helping fix something. He did it for us. His sons HelpEd too. He enjoyed life a lot. He would get us wood when we needed it.
    Your Steve will be deeply missed. God bless the family.

    1. Love you Sis ❤
      Yes, it will be hard and we will miss him dearly, he’s my poobear🐻 and I’m his hunnybunny🐰 Love him
      He was a hardworking, energetic man
      that would not stop and was willing to help anyone. He will be missed. Rest in peace.

  4. Steve and Edna Barr

    So sorry we can’t be there in person we are there in thoughts and prayers. We send hugs and kisses. Keep all your good memories and lose the bad. He loved you kids in his own way, always there when you needed to talk to him. He will be missed. With an aching heart we say goodbye and know he will be watching over you, until you see him again.

  5. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Sending healing prayers, strength, and love and hugs. You’re in my prayers and thoughts 🙏 ❤️

  6. I want to say sorry for your loss: Donna Miller, Ted Miller, Marsha, Steven Miller and Sara Conn and Mickey Conn, also David and Christal , and anyone that I might have forgotten. He was loved by his family so very much. He was a great, hard worker for sure. We all were so happy with his work. And he loved the out doors. He was always working on something like his truck or yard. His pig Olaf was loved so much, he would never miss doing his pig. There might have been a few times when n he wasn’t feeling well. He will be up there hunting or fishing, or wanting to be out doors doing what he loved. He was an out-side guy. He was always busy. doing something. So active and on the go. I want you all to know that we loved and cherished Steve for helping us out. Hohpe you all just reamber all your good times you have shared with him. God bless. Donna Miller you were a wonderful mother to your son Steve. And marsha, you were a great sister. And Ted, and Steven did so many great things with your dad. He loved you all. Sara, you were nice and always came up. You and Mickey did special things for Britts grauduation and other things. You all had a great family reuion. I’m so happy to have been a part of all of the family, cause Steve was like me and bobs family to.take care and may god bless each and everyone of you. steve is always going to be in your hearts always.lots of love and hugs to all of you. May Steve rest in peace. God bless. Be strong and smile and do the things you reamber when you were all kids together. I bet it all means the world to you. Keep that forever. Steve is alawys with you all. REST IN PEACE STEVE. YOU WERE THE BEST IN EVERYTHING. SURE WILL MISS YOU. GOD BLESS YOU ALL,

  7. Sara Conn and Family

    We would like to thank everyone who has been there with us through this difficult time. We have have lost a great man, son, father, and brother. He will be missed dearly. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and help that we have received during this time.

  8. Happy happy birthday Steve, my love. Thinking about you and missing you dearly. I love you bunches, you are my rock babe. It’s so hard on me that you are not here to spend this beautiful day with me. You are very special to me. Happy birthday! You would be 50 today, I love u😍😘💏💋❤💜

  9. Missing you. It’s getting to be hard without you here for the Holidays; to make dinner together, and watch movies. Sure going to be sad without you here for Thanksgiving and Christmas time, especially for me and your daughter Brittany and your family too. Sure miss you lots. Love you dearly and always keep you in my heart, poo bear 🐻. Miss you, Love you always.
    Your bunny bunny 🐰. I know you are looking down on us making sure we are OK ❤ and watching over me and Brittany. You are with us always! Hugs, Rest in peace. Hugs, rest in peace.

  10. Still missing you dearly, how are you doing up there? Brittany and I miss you and love you. We are doing ok, but I know you are still with us here in our home, together, and watching over us making sure we are safe. Brittany and I have been doing some things and getting a few more things done in our home. You would like it and be proud of us doing and fixing up things. We wish you were here with us. My one and only love, you are my ‘poo bear’ and always will be I was your ‘hunny bunny’.
    You’re up there with your dad talking and watching down on family, Olaf and Luna are doing good, they miss you too. I know you would love to see your pig and luna, you loved them like your own children. I know you miss us and we feel the same, it’s so hard without you here with Brittany and me. I love you always poo bear, rest in peace. I’m here for you. You are a great guy, you did so much for Brittany and me. We love you for it all. Hugs and kisses.

  11. Happy Easter🐰 Steve my poo bear, ❤ we miss you here and love you. Are you watching down on me and are daughter Brittany!😍 Rest in peace. These days and holiday are hard because you are not here with us spending easter and are life together.

  12. I can’t believe its been a year yesterday babe miss u dearly love you always and forever ❤ you are my poo bear I’m your hunny bunny 😍😍 can’t wait to see u again when I’m up there with you I feel like u are still here with me and Brittany there’s days I think u will be walking through the door and saying I’m back and I would be giving u a big hug and kiss and hold u tight and never let go things are hard at time with out u here Steve but we are doing good just wish u was here with us I really miss you bet u are looking down and watching over us and all and u are just relaxing I have all the lovey memories together I will never forget test in peace my love miss all your text to me saying love u your beautiful your sexy ❤ I love u my poo bear 🐻🐰 I’m your bunny 💏❤👄

  13. Well its been a year for you now Steve it dont seem like it. I always felt like getting your help, you would always come when needed your help. You will and always be missed. God bless rest in peace Steve. Gone to soon a wonderful guy who love life planting hunting and loved his pig so much.

  14. Hello my love, yesterday was your birthday, babe, happy birthday to you. I love you more then you know and miss you a lot. I wish you were here. ❤ Rest in peace, I’ll see you when I’m gone and we can be together again. Happy birthday poo bear. ❤ Happy birthday to you. Your are so handsome, my love, and it was to soon for you to leave me. You are always in my mind and my heart. I love you dearly and always will, forever❤. Until we meet again up there together, poo bear🐻🐰 I’m your hunny bunny.

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