Patricia A. Bonner

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Patricia Aran “Patty”  Bonner, 63, passed away February 4, 2020, in her home with her family by her side in Gaylord, MI.

A celebration of life/open house will be held February 8 and 9 from 4:00 p.m. into the evening at her home located at 1895 Red Pine Drive, Gaylord, MI 49735.

Patty was born September 6, 1956, in Flint, MI, to Richard and Ethel (Murphy) Luther and was one of four daughters.

Patty graduated from Flushing High School in 1974.  She then studied to become a dental assistant in Ypsilanti, MI, and obtained a degree.  She then moved to California, where she married and had two sons.  She later moved back to Gaylord, MI in 1989 to be close to family and raise her children.  She had a 30-year career at N’Orthopedics PC in Gaylord, MI as the Clinic Manager.

Patty devoted her life to selfless acts of kindness and respect to those around her – especially her family.  She was loved by those who knew her and always injected humor and a positive outlook to all situations.  Her interests included family, collecting, music, attending concerts, crafting, and reading. She devoted much of her time and energy as a Mother and Grandmother.

She was preceded in death by her parents and sister, Susan.

Patty is survived by her children, Raif and Sean (Lynn); grandchildren, Aidan, Chloe, Carson and Peyton; sister, Jane; nephews, Richard and David (Nicole); niece, Meredith; stepmother, Isabel and a bounty of other family and friends near and far.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Aidan Bonner College Fund and sent to 1895 Red Pine Drive, Gaylord, MI 49735.

6 comments on “Patricia A. Bonner”

  1. Patty gave me an angel, which I keep above my desk at work. There was a card with it that said: Inside each person there burns an everlasting flame. A flame that signifies the strength of the human spirit. An inner light that never fails to remind us of our true selves. To see the inner light in ourselves is our purpose. To see the inner light in those around us is a miracle. Patty’s inner light shines on because of what she shared of herself and the things she taught us. ❤️

  2. Nancy n Al Kannowski

    This is just so sad and heartbreaking! We ALL were hoping she could beat this dang “C”! She put up a good fight, heaven gained an angel 😇 ! R.I.P. Party!

  3. After reading the above comments by Nancy and Geri, I am glad Patty was loved In her last days . I can tell you some of how she was loved as a baby . I am her older sister Catherine and I was 7 years old on September 6, 1956 when she was born . I was so excited for her and my Mom to come home from the hospital . She weighed over 10 pounds and was beautifully pink. I just knew I loved her and my Mom and I helped take care of her every day , even when she cried a lot as most babies do. I taught her to walk and how to swim and skate and play baseball. Patty was a quiet very attentive child and no matter how hard I tried she didn’t like to compete in sports much. But I didn’t care , I took her anyways ,because that was one of my big jobs as a kid. As we all grew up and took different paths in life , I have kept these memories as some of the fondest of my family and have used them to smooth over the tough times and there were many In Our family as in all families. As I have been a hospice nurse and behavioral health counselor for many years , when I heard Patty had cancer , I knew it would be tough and once again thanks to all of you who helped her . I also cherrish the memory of taking a bus all the way to Southern California to help Patty when her youngest son, Sean was born . I took little Raif her elder son every night for long walks to the ice cream parlor while she rested and bonded with her new son Sean . I will never forget how much he loved Baseball . I have often wondered 35 years later if he still does love baseball. Rest in Peace Patricia

  4. We are so very saddened to hear of your loss.
    We shared many great times with Patty “back in the days”….. We will miss her friendship and infectious smile, but will always treasure our memories made with her.
    Unfortunately we are out of town and unable to attend her memorial.
    Please know you are held in our hearts during this difficult time. May God bring you peace through the love and support of family and friends.
    Warmly, Bill & Sue McKay

  5. Patty was a sweet, FUNNY, kind woman, I me through healthcare and fledgling organization of practice managers. Always trying to maintain sanity, helping one another out when we were stuck or vent when we were frustrated. Patty always had a funny anecdote and was always so rational. We roomed together at a couple of conferences and just really enjoyed hanging out together. RIP My special friend “Lola” 😉

  6. “Aran” which was Patricia’s middle name, stands for a group of islands off the coast of Ireland. I remember being a little girl in Flushing, Michigan and my mother always wanted to go to Europe and see the homelands of her Irish Ancestors. My mother died at 73 years of age, after never seeing Europe and the many wonderful villages and islands, only what she dreamed of. Patricia was named after those islands. I would like to think my mother and Patricia may be flying over those beautiful islands away from all the cares if this World.

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