Jack Abeare

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Jack Abeare, 58, of Gaylord, passed away Thursday, February 18, 2021.

The family has requested to remember him privately at this time.

Arrangements were entrusted to Nelson Funeral Home & Cremation Service, PO Box 1548, Gaylord, MI 49734.

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  1. My prayers for the family. Wow, can’t believe this. He was such a wonderful guy. He lived by me in Arbutus beach. He was great, and always enjoyed planting things, and always enjoyed cleaning and keeping his yard up. He took care of his wife Patty. I never got to meet her, he told me so much about her. He had a garage sale and we bought things from him. One time I saw him at the Dollar Tree and he said he was doing well. He was a very kind dear friend, he sure will be missed. God bless you and patty are together. Love and hugs to the family.

    1. Thank you for your kind words about my brother Jack. I’m glad to know that he was happy. I will miss him forever his sister

  2. Sami Krzyszton

    Jack was and will always be my brother;
    No matter what, I at least got to tell him how much I loved him; he was a kind and gentle soul.
    Today was to remember our brother Jerry, who passed on June 25th, 1977.
    and I see this news, my heart is shattered. No matter what, the rest of this family should have reached out to tell me.
    The last time we talked, he told me to move on with my life, not look back, and find a way to be happy.
    Not a day has gone by that he has not crossed my mind and was in my heart. Jerry must have been thrilled when you crossed over.
    I see you both waving back at me with smiles so big and bright, I will rest in the knowledge that you are together again.
    And one day I will see you both in that unknown land, and I will smile and hold you and Jerrys hands again and Jerry will call me your sister again.
    I will always be proud to have been your sister. I can’t wait to see the garden you both will have grown. We had joy, we had fun, but now the seasons have all gone. LOVE your Sister, Sami

  3. Sami Krzyszton

    Just want to say, I feel at peace now that I know you finally know the truth about me. Many Questions will now have answers. But now you see the I am glad you are with Jerry
    He was the glue that held this family together, And When he left so did everything that was a family. But I grieve no more, as I know you are happy and together. As it should be.
    Funny but not funny That I should find you gone as I was sending a message to Jerry as I do every year. June 25 now has another meaning. It is
    The day my brothers again walk side by side. I see you finding Rocky And Bear And Tippy And Hank I can feel just how happy you are..The Sun shines a little brighter. And when it rains the thunder is now the sound of your laughter. Please shake hands with The love that I lost You know Who I Mean
    There will come a day soon when we all will walk together again. So until that day. I am going to stop saying you all are dead from now on to me you all are just away. The first thing I want to do when I see both of you is to take a 3-day canoe trip down the river. And to wave to daddy as he walks the river doing what he loved the best fly fishimg Love you Sami

  4. Seeing that our mother made it impossible for me to remember my father, I’m hoping that while you all are in heaven together that you can tell our father happy birthday. I’m glad that you and Jerry are with him, I just wanted to remember my dad on his birthday and I have no other way so I hope that heaven is able to bring you all together. I miss all of you, Happy Birthday Daddy from your daughter, keep watching over me, please. I love you all.

  5. Thinking of you and Jerry, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma, and Grandma Bronson, and if you get to meet my Michael, please be nice, as he was and still is. My soul mate and I miss him. Please tell him I love him. See you soon, Your Sister, Sami Krzyszton.

  6. Merry Christmas I am sure this one is a happy one for you. As you will be with your wife and Jerry after all of these years. I feel the joy from heaven.I see all of you and the tribe of dogs. I miss you but I know you’re truly happy. Love always your sister Sami.

  7. One year ago, You went away, a final Goodbye I never got to say. The last time we spoke, I made it clear, I loved you. In my heart, you have always been. I believe God will one day let us meet again, just as he has reunited you with Dad, Jerry, Rocky, and Bear and your wife Patty were all waiting there.
    They took your hand and pulled you near, no more pain, no more tears. Please one day with Michael standing near, reach out your hands and draw me near, erase my pain, and dry my tears. Let me walk with Jerry once again, then place my hand in Michaels and I will be his wife again.
    I miss you but I know you are happy. Your Sister Sami

  8. Happy 🐣 I miss you, Jerry, Dad, all the dogs, Grandpa Abeare, Grandma Abeare, and Grandma Bronson. All my love to you guys Sami.

  9. Happy New Year baby brother I love you I miss you please say Happy New Year to Jerry I miss you all so much one day we’ll all walk together again I love you all

  10. I miss you brother. Wish we could have been closer Thu the years. But life gets in the way.I know you are Happy. Your are with the ones who ment the most to you. Send me a message on the wings of a Cardinal .Till I see you again I love you Your sister

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