Homero “Derick” Esquivel-VandenBrook

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Homero Derick “Scooby” Esquivel-VandenBrook, 21, of Gaylord, passed away Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

He was born to Homero Esquivel and Carmen (Webb) VandenBrook on September 15, 2000.

Derick was preceded by his grandparents, Homero Sr. and Dominga Esquivel.

He is survived by his parents Carmen (John) VandenBrook; sister, Sydnea Esquivel; step-sisters, Jasmine and Jessica VandenBrook and Sarah; nieces and nephews, Savannah, Harry, Aliana, Allik, Alayna, Brook, Evelyn, Aria, Riley, Isiah; cousins, Breanna, Donnie; grandparents, Rodney (Linda) Webb Sr.; aunts, Julie (Neil) Krumlauf, Wendy VandenBrook, Selena (Guy) Russel and uncles, Eric (Jen) Webb, Gary VandenBrook, and Rich (Faye) VandenBrook; aunt Martha Whitaker. He also leaves behind a beloved pup, Red.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the family through the Nelson Funeral Home and Cremation Service, PO Box 1548, Gaylord, MI 49734.

3 comments on “Homero “Derick” Esquivel-VandenBrook”

  1. I’m so heartbroken 💔
    Loved him from day 1,when I met him …
    My “boyfriend”, as he called himself, will anyways be mine/
    Love you so much. always and forever ❤

  2. Penelope Umlor (Sarah???)

    You will forever be my best friend no matter what. I know that I was one of your favorite people and I miss you. It was a pleasure to see both sides of you. I hope your spear hurries up and finds me because I’m getting impatient💖💖💖

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