Elaine Colombo

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Elaine Colombo, age 93, of Gaylord, passed away Thursday, April 28, 2022.

The family wishes to remember her privately at this time.

Arrangements were entrusted to Nelson Funeral Home and Cremation Service, PO Box 1548, Gaylord, MI 49734.

3 comments on “Elaine Colombo”

  1. Oh my dear Elaine she was family to me, she always called me a family to her. I took care of her so, so many years ago. She had her nice home in Michaway, which is where I took care of her for so many years. Very close like a mom to me. She will be so deeply missed and also when she moved into her apartment in town by the elks. I went and took care of some things she wanted me to do for her. God bless rest in peace my sweet dear mom in family name to us, love to all. She was so filled of life, to do yard work, plant flowers, and so much more. She always had me come help her with her sales she was so thinking about a garage sale this summer too, love and miss you Elaine.

  2. Wow, my beautiful second mom Elaine. I had to post something again. She meant the world to me. I can’t believe no one else has posted anything on here. She had no family she told me, I was her family, like a daughter. I will miss you so very much. You were so bright and did so many beautiful things. Turning outside work into planting flowers, changing things all around. Having your special garage sales, you wanted me there to help you all the time. You had some friends, and you and I were very close. It just hurts me so much, I just talked to her a few weeks before this happened. She was filled with so many things she had planned to do this summer.
    She told me she wanted to feel well, she was in the hospital and fell. I just loved caring for Elaine. She was the best, I loved caring for people who used to be a care-giving and enjoyed it so much. So thankful I got to know her as I did. My mom lived right next door to her and it was special what I meant to her. So much went on from there and she had a wonderful husband, John. I’m blessed to have her as a wonderful lady I knew in my life and have done so many things for her and she did a lot for me too. I miss you Elaine. Rest in peace, my dear sweet second mom. My real mom and you are special to me. You both are angels. Love Kristine (you used to call me), God bless and prayers.

  3. Miss my mom Elaine so very much. You were my secound mom and I was so thankful to meet you and loved caring for you and you are so deeply missed. I can’t believe no one else has written on her page, so sad. She had no family. What a shame. Love and miss you Elaine. You are an angel, like my real mom. Hugs and love. I’ll always remember our fun and good times. God Bless.

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