Funeral Services

A Time of Remembrance

A funeral represents a purposeful opportunity to reflect on a life that has been lived. There is no single proper funeral service. It is a time for human sharing in its deepest sense.  As you participate in the planning of the funeral service, you help create a meaningful experience for everyone.

Our Goal

It is the goal of Nelson Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Gaylord, MI to help people celebrate the relationship with the one who has died and to provide a climate that encourages each person to give and receive emotional support. During the funeral service, family and friends have the opportunity to relate to each other at the deepest levels and find mutual strength.

Each service is a unique celebration of an individual life. We strive to accommodate whatever vision the family has in mind, whether based around a traditional burial service, or the simplicity and freedom of cremation. Regardless of what is chosen, we are here to support the wishes of those who are grieving with flexibility, expertise and a tender heart.

Burial Services

Tradition, dignity, and ceremony are the elements of a burial service. We honor your loved one by carrying out your wishes and cherish a life well lived.

Cremation Services

Cremation presents simple closure with an endless imagination of celebration that honors your loved one. Allow us to help you create a unique and personalized service.

We Are Ready To Help

We are passionate about you and your loved one, and not just at the time of death, or the time of service, but also in the days and months ahead. We are always available to serve you!

We offer no fee consultations at the funeral home or in the comfort of your home. Our family owned funeral home would be honored to work with you to design a meaningful and unique cremation service. Please contact one of our caring and compassionate staff members and allow us to assist you in any of your funeral planning questions or needs.

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