Laying to Rest

Burial services continue a tradition many families find comfortingly familiar, remaining the method of choice for those wanting to honor their loved one in a classic setting. Usually, ceremonies revolve around the casket being present. Traditional burial funerals typically include a family or public viewing of the deceased followed by a service, typically in the church or at the funeral home. This would be followed by the earth or above ground burial of the casketed remains.


Caskets are integral to any service where a viewing of the deceased is involved.  We can provide a casket directly from a wide selection of available options, though some families choose to select one from a retail seller or other source. We are always available for a consultation or to assist in planning or purchase decisions. We have caskets to fit every need or budget, available from $995.00-$10,000.00.


Burial vaults are outer containers that seal in caskets during burial.  Vaults protect cemetery soil from contaminants released over time and while not required by law, are required by the vast majority of cemeteries.  We offer a selection of burial vaults, available from $650.00-$3,075.00.