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Cremation Services

The professional staff of Nelson Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Gaylord, MI offers over 65 years of combined experience assisting our families in expressive and memorable cremation services.


Cremation only refers to the manner in which you or your loved one has chosen to deal with the physical remains. Many people also believe that at the time of death only two basic choices exist: immediate cremation of the body or a complete funeral including viewing followed by burial. 


Cremation offers unlimited choices, increasing your options to celebrate your loved ones life. It is a process which is performed in a respectful and dignified manner and can be memorialized in many ways. The cremation services may be personalized specifically to reflect the life of the deceased, giving the memorial service special meaning and uniqueness.


 Cremation Services From Saddleback Chapel

The choice of Cremation also allows the family to schedule a memorial service around the availability of each member and provides more time for them to make travel arrangements. There are also more options for the memorial service because ashes can be buried, kept at home or scattered in a meaningful location. There are also many unique ways to personalize a memorial service to make it much more personal and significant with favorite songs, family photos, Tribute DVD, even including their favorite sports team jersey, or trinkets of their favorite hobbies during the service.


A Cremation Service can be just like a Funeral Service except cremation will follow instead of the casketed burial. This can be accommodated by the use of a cremation casket (casket that is designed to be cremated) or the use of a rental casket. Following the viewing, service or ceremony, and eventual cremation, the cremated remains can be buried, properly scattered, or returned to the family for safe keeping. Urns are used to hold the cremated remains. Urns can be constructed out of basic materials like cardboard or plastic, or constructed out of more protective materials like basic and semi-precious metals, ceramics, and woods.


Our family owned funeral home would be honored to work with you to design a meaningful and unique cremation service. Please contact one of our caring and compassionate staff members and allow us to assist you in any of your funeral planning questions or needs at 989-732-1770.